Andy’s DIY Facemask

I generally have pretty good skin, and can’t really complain much. I have combination-sensitive skin, with a propensity for blackheads and pimples around the mouth and chin (which is apparently hormone-related – damn you, hormones!).

I decided to play around with different homemade face masks and seem to have come up with a winning combination. Here is my homemade DIY Facemask!

What You’ll Need for Your DIY Facemask:

-A face (this is essential)

-An egg yolk

-Two teaspoons of lemon juice (fresh lemons are the ideal, but let’s face it, I don’t play by the rules)

-Two teaspoons of honey

-One extra teaspoon of honey for snacking

What You Need to Do:

It’s important that you start by prepping your skin before applying a facial.  There’s no point in putting a facial onto dirty skin.

So, start by cleaning your skin! I swear by my Clinique bar soap (my skin suits their No. 2 range best). After cleaning with my bar soap, I then used my Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub on the blackhead-prone areas (nose, cheeks and chin).

Skin Care - DIY Facemask

I then steamed my face (aka not-so-sexily hung my head over a bowl of hot water) for a few minutes to open up my pores.

Next, it was time to apply the mask.

One egg yolk - DIY Facemask
Separate an egg and put the yolk into a bowl.
Add two teaspoons of lemon juice - DIY Facemask
Pour in two teaspoons of lemon juice.
Add two teaspoons of honey - DIY Facemask
Add two teaspoons of honey.
Mix - DIY Facemask
Mix all the ingredients together.

It makes quite a runny mixture. I found the easiest way to apply it to my face was with my fingers (be warned: there will be dripping) but you could get fancy and use an assortment of brushes to do this too.

I applied one layer of the mask at a time, and as the first layer started to dry, I applied another layer until it was a decent thickness overall.  As you can tell by the picture, I was clearly very excited by this mask.


I kept the mask on for 15 minutes, before rinsing off with water. I then moisturized with my favourite moisturizers: Clinique All About Eyes Rich and Clinique Dramatcally Different moisturizing lotion.



The Verdict:

I found that the excessive oiliness and red patches on my face were gone! My skin felt extremely moisturized, smooth and plump. I’ll definitely use this facemask over and over again.

If you really want to pamper your skin, follow this up with some Care & Repair Plus.

What DIY Facemask have you made before?

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