The latest research in the world of infertility is how scratching the endometrium (the lining of the womb) in the few weeks prior to undergoing IVF treatment can increase pregnancy rates to as much as 49%.  This is a massive jump from the usual expected 29% success rate for the majority of IVF cases.

It is found that this scratching also increases the live birth rate from around 23% to 42%.

The concept is still under trial, however, and is not currently being routinely practiced – however, it seems that this is the route that most IVF clinics will follow.

It is unclear why endometrial scratching works, however it is thought that it may increase white blood cells in the area, thereby increasing the amount of growth factor in the area and controlling the implantation of the embryos.  Another thought is that it may result in gene switching – some scientists speculate that genes responsible for the embryo implantation are not ‘switched on’ at the right time, and that perhaps endometrial scratching can assist with this.

Check The Telegraph and Create Health for more information.


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