With my recent hair makeover, I’ve had to look at new ways of styling my hair, as opposed to the twisted messy top knot that I had pretty much perfected.

Having short and fine hair, it’s important for me to get as much body and texture into my hair as possible. I’ve tried a few different things – including buying an actual texturizing spray (which just kind of makes my hair feel very sticky and hard – albeit extremely textured). I have even resorted to making my own sea salt texturizing spray (because let’s face it, living in South Africa means you cannot find products like that at the shops), and this ended up being the product I like the most!

This texturizing spray gives me just the right amount of texture, plus it really makes it feel (and look) like I’ve been swimming in the sea. It makes my hair wavy and sticky (in a good way). Plus I smell like the ocean and I dream of holidays at the beach when I use it.

So, here is my homemade sea salt texturizing spray recipe.. Side note: There are a couple of different sea salt texturizing spray recipes out there, such as with epsom salts, or coconut oil, but I found this little concoction worked well enough for me to not need to try anything else just yet.

What You’ll Need:

An empty spray bottle, such as this one on the top picture.. I don’t advise buying one of these (on the bottom) from Dis-chem, like I did, because the spray doesn’t disperse, and instead, you get a concussion from the stream that shoots at you.

texturizing spray


Sea salt

Hair gel (I used Revlon Flex Styling gel)

texturizing spray

What You Need to Do:

Pour a cup of water into your spray bottle – use warm water, such as from a recently boiled kettle to help dissolve your ingredients easily.

Add a heaped tablespoon of sea salt to your water. I used my grinder sea salt, and grinding it down made it easier for it to dissolve in any case.

Add a teaspoon of your hair gel to the water/salt mix.

Shake your bottle like crazy, and you’re done!

Start by spraying small amounts into your hair, and building up so you don’t overdo the texture. I lift my hair, spray the texturizing spray into the roots, and then scrunch my hair up into the roots.

texturizing spray

The salt can dry your hair quite a bit, and if you find this bothers you, can also add a leave-in conditioner to the mix (go for a coconut scented conditioner such as the OGX Coconut Water Conditioner that you can find at Dis-chem which smells even more like summer!). My hair gets greasy very easily, so the salt isn’t a problem for me.

Here’s the result!

texturizing spray

God, my hair looks great (if I do say so myself). I’m in love.

texturizing spray

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P.S. For those of you wondering how I styled my hair prior to this.. I curled my hair on Monday with a Remington Pearl Curling tong, and sprayed a light mist of hairspray to keep it in place for the day. I woke up on Tuesday and used some of the sea salt spray and dry shampoo to keep it looking voluminous – nothing else. On Wednesday, my hair still looked great – messy and thick, so I literally did nothing to it. This was what it looked like by Wednesday night when I took the pictures.

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